Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education, and Scientific Research

Chairman of the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council

Chairman of the National Federation of Construction and Public Works, Chairman & CEO of SINTRAM

Founding Member and Board Member of Vigeo Eiris (Paris-London), Managing Director of Vigeo Eiris Morocco

Managing Director at the Moroccan Agency of Investment and Export Development

Managing Director of the “Les Inspirations Eco” Newspaper

PhD, Associate Senior Lecturer at Emory University’s Department of Economics, Director of the Emory Development Initiative (EDI), and former MP for Amsterdam

Former French Minister of Labour, Employment, Vocational Training, and Social Dialogue

Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Commission at CGEM, Managing Director of “Frères Gourmets” and “Moroccan Origin” (MO)

Head of the Talent, Training, and Employability Commission at CGEM, Managing Director of LMS ORH

Head of the New Climate Economy at CGEM, and Chairman & CEO of Nareva Holding

Head of CGEM’s Commission on VSBs-SMBs, Large Businesses, and Self- Employed People, Managing Partner at BDO-Morocco

Managing Director of the General Tax Administration

President of the Club of Women Business Managers, Managing Director of the National Office of Fisheries

Board Member at CGEM, Executive Director Board Member at MEDIA REP

President of the Moroccan Federation of Information Technologies, Telecommunications, and Offshoring, CEO of GFI Informatique Morocco

Head of the Digital and Technologies Commission at CGEM, CEO of DXC Technology

President of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Association, Founding President of “Sadas Assurances”

Special Advisor, the Prime Minister’s Chief Economist, and Managing Director of the Economic Forecasting Office in Senegal

Member of the Executive Board of UGTM (General Union of Moroccan Workers)

Board Member at CGEM, Managing Director of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency

Head of the Business Climate Commission at CGEM, Chairman & CEO of INVOLYS

Chairman of the Association of Managers and Trainers in Human Resources

Chairman of the Moroccan Association of Capital Investors

Professor of Management and Political Economy, Vice Dean for Strategy and Research, African Leadership University (ALU) - Rwanda

Executive Board Chairman at the Observatory of Professional Branches

Founder of the Interdisciplinary University of Paris

Executive Board Member and Managing Director of CDG Capital

Managing Director at MIDDLENEXT, Chairwoman of the European Association of Average Values

Deputy Secretary General of CDT (Democratic Confederation of Labor)

Head of the Commission on Access to Public-Procurement Contracts at CGEM, and Managing Director of CID

Head of the Social Partners’ Relations Commission at CGEM, Head of HR and Director of Corporate Affairs at NABC