The Camp

The Camp

September 28-29, 2018 – ISCAE Campus, Casablanca

CGEM organises the 1st edition of its Summer Camp on September 28-29, 2018, on the ISCAE Campus in Casablanca

This event, set to be held annually, will mark a strong moment in the business community and will undoubtedly kick-start the year’s economic cycle after the summer lull. It is also an opportunity for the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises – known by its French acronym CGEM – to bring together its members and to fully play its federating role for the Regions and professional groups in Morocco. Business leaders will have the opportunity to hold discussions and debates, sharing the podium with decision-makers from the public sector, scholars, and intellectuals, with the aim of elucidating the economic and social challenges at hand, and articulating the most fitting solutions.

At a time when Morocco is, more than ever, on a quest for its new development model, this 1st edition of the Summer Camp by CGEM – held under the theme “Strong Businesses for a Stronger Morocco” – is a timely platform for CGEM’s newly-elected governance bodies to expound the central role of companies as levers for growth, as well as to exhibit corporate priorities and action plans intended to both pre-empt and weather the deep mutations that our economies are undergoing.

These transformations will, inevitably, have a bearing on Moroccan enterprises, namely SMEs. How, then, can we build strong businesses that thrive in their domestic market, are capable of adapting to the instability of the world economy, and are in a position to benefit from the new opportunities that a global economy has to offer? How should we go about instilling the values of corporate responsibility, bringing businesses to play their full role of generating wealth and creating jobs? And, finally, how can we adopt a posture that is both optimistic and realistic, and to marshal all stakeholders towards shaping strong economic prospects for a stronger Morocco?

The event’s plenary sessions, facilitated and attended by celebrated names from the business, academic, social, and political spheres, will present an overview of the depth of the transformations impacting our environment, and will address issues related to entrepreneurship and associated links to government bodies, social partners, and consumers.

The 1st edition of the Summer Camp by CGEM will also include a host of thought-provoking workshops, tackling various topics pertaining to businesses, human capital, the tech evolution, new relationship-to-work models, internationalisation, and corporate social responsibility.

Lastly, the site of the Summer Camp by CGEM will be a genuine space for mingling and discovery. The ISCAE campus will be arranged into small villages, informal discussion spaces to converse over topics ranging from innovation and talent to tender offers and financing.

Holding this event in a university setting conveys a strong message as to CGEM’s determination to place youth at the heart of its future action plans and to assert the pivotal role of the education system in the making of the business world of tomorrow.